Breakup albums are the best and Selena Gomez is going to blow our mind with her latest one.


Bieber and Selena broke up a few months back and he has swiftly moved on!


Instead of crying into her tub of Ben & Jerry’s Selena has hit the studio and recorded a brand new album!


It’s the follow-up to Revival that fans have been waiting for since 2015 & The Hands To Myself singer hopped on IG Live to tell her fans the good news.


The album is finished!


Check it out..


Not only that Selena also posted another video where she got her friend (who was slightly hesitant) to tell us her favourite tracks on the new album.


She hasn’t given us a release date yet but it must be soon.


AND new albums always mean a new tour.


Selena we are sooooooooo ready