iWeekend listeners share their at-home beauty hacks.

As part of self-care Saturday, Kayte was discussing beauty hacks on iWeekend.

Listener’s shared their go-to tricks and tips, using simple ingredients that we all have at home.


Janine from Ardee shared her cost-effective skincare routine:

Hi iRadio my beauty hack is sugar with water to exfoliate my face then to tone my face I use lemon and water. I also use natural yogurt on my skin for 10 minutes as a face mask. These are natural and work beautiful on the skin and are very affordable.


Ciara from Roscommon shared a genuis way to get the last bits out of old lipstick:

Hi, I’ve actually melted all my lipsticks that were nearly finished, using most of the same shades I’ve made new lipsticks. It’s great because I think I love the colours even more now!


The only nudes we need

Source: Instagram (@maccosmetics)


Rebecca has a handy hair hack for when we’re able to go out-out again:

Sock curls, don’t damage your hair and make the best curls that last!! Definitely the best at home beauty hack.


Want to know how? Check out this video:

Source: Youtube (@sarahcarrolli)


Valerie from Cavan shared a gorgeous recipe that we’re not sure if we should be eating or using as a face mask..

Hi Kate. My beauty tip is a very cost effective face masque which is made using everyday items that can be found in most kitchens 😍 The concoction consists of- 2tspn honey, 1 tspn coconut oil, a banana and 2 tspns of coffee 😵 mix it all together…. Slap it on the face for 15- 20 minutes and let it work its magic…👌✨🙏 Wipe off and reveal glowing skin…..


And it wasn’t just the ladies, the lads were getting in on the action as well.

Larry in Carrick has this top tip for taking care of the tootsies:

Best hack ever is foot cream before ya go to bed and a pair of socks you will wake up a new man!