Yes, we know it’s still September.

Apparently 25% of us have started our Christmas shopping already. Jobs site RetailChoice says one in five will have got all their gifts by mid-November.

But even still, nearly a quarter of people still leave it till Christmas Eve to pick up their presents.

This photo was probably taken in July

The Ideal Time for Christmas

When questioned, those surveyed laid out their ideal Christmas timeline:

  • October 21st  –  Christmas gifts stocked in shops.
  • November 6th –  Christmas decorations put on the shelves
  • November 13th – Christmas Music starts to play in shops.

Does Christmas happen earlier every year?

Oliver Wren at RetailChoice comments:

“While most are enjoying the end of summer this September, consumers and retailers alike are looking forward and preparing for the busy Christmas season ahead.

“This year, Selfridges became the first store in the world to unveil its seasonal Christmas shop in July, responding to the growing demand for shopping outside of the traditional festive season, and other retailers are looking to follow suit.

“Our research has shown that despite consumers suggesting the official start of Christmas is the beginning of December, there is in fact a huge demand for festive gift products, decorations and festive food to hit shops way before. A number of buyers ideally want to get organised early in October and November, so Christmas is wrapped up and taken off the to-do list.”