It’s just about as bad as actual cheating, let’s be honest…

Skipping ahead in a series you began watching with your partner could be a relationship killing blow.

That’s according to a new study conducted by Barclays, which found that when one half of a couple skipped ahead when watching a series it often ended in a break up.

In the survey, over 2,000 people in Britain were asked about their TV habits, including whether or not they see series-cheating as a dumpable offence.

Research commissioned by the bank found one in six consumers had argued with their other half over ‘series cheating’.

While a whopping 15% of couples sighted ‘series cheating’ as the reason they ended things with their other half.

This means that a potential of one million relationships break-ups in the UK can be traced back to ‘series cheating’, signalling just how entwined binge watching has become in our love lives.

Barclay’s findings come shortly after a study by Netflix revealed that a whopping 48% of streaming couples series-cheat on each other.

Of those, 44% said they’ve done it at least three times, while 60% said they’d do it more often if they knew they wouldn’t get caught.