1. The uptight bridesmaid


This girl has taken her role VERY seriously. She’s been emailing you every week for the past six months.

She’s made an Excel spreadsheet, noting how much each person owes.

She wants everyone to stick to her carefully planned itinerary, and if you turn up late or ignore the dress code, she’ll be throwing you daggers all night.

Saying that, she’s thought of everything and you’ll be guaranteed extra details like gorgeous goodie bags, and she’ll also have a big stash of eyelash glue, hair tools and plasters.

2. The Insta hun


She’s can’t put her phone down for a minute. This selfie queen is photographing and filming everything but mainly herself.

She’ll have a minute by minute play of the hen party on her Instagram and Snapchat stories, and you can guarantee there will be unflattering pictures of everyone but her.

3. The awkward school friend


She spent her childhood and teenage years with the bride but they’ve drifted apart and now barely have anything in common.

She doesn’t know any of the other girls but will spend the night telling stories about her ‘best friend’.

4. The bestie


She is actually the bride’s best friend. She spends the hen making sure everyone is chatting to each other and no one is left out.

She has hilarious old photos at the ready and tissues for when things get emotional.

5. The Mammy


The mammy will be either cowering in fear at all the screeching and tears or dancing on a table with an inflatable willy under one arm.

Really, there’s no in between.

If she’s the former, she’ll claim the hen was the ‘best night’ of her life, but if she’s the latter she’ll give out endlessly about ‘those wild women’ who ‘forced’ her to take shots.

6. The one who creates all the scandal


She’s on a mission – a mission to get the shift.

She’s the first one to sniff out a stag party, and before you know it she’s hanging out with them, wearing one of their t-shirts, and trying to crack onto the best man.

She might also encourage the bride to have ‘one last fling’. Dangerous!

7. The ‘no craic’ one


She’s the one who’ll throw The Mammy a filthy when she’s dancing on a table with an inflatable willy.

Willy straws, or anything to do with willies, are a big no-no.

She talks endlessly about being on a health kick and how she doesn’t bother with ‘that going out business’ any more.

While you’re here…

Can you handle this party?!

Lads and ladies, we are gathered here today to join this groom and his groomsmen…

And this bride and her bridesmaids…

In the sacred tradition of one last epic night out before marriage.

Do you all solemnly swear to lose your inhibitions and go out of your way to tell embarrassing stories about the groom/bride to complete strangers?

Will you promise to have as much craic as humanly possible?

And most importantly…are you able to handle the party?

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