A shark that was disguised as a baby and stolen from an aquarium in Texas has been safely recovered.

Miss Helen, a 16-inch horn hark, was abducted from her tank in San Antonio Aquarium on Saturday.

CCTV footage showed three people lifting her from the water by her tail, before wrapping her in a wet blanket and placing her in a bucket in a pram.

They were then spotted pushing the buggy out to a pickup truck in the carpark and putting her on the backseat.

Several tip offs from the public allowed police to identify the vehicle used to steal the shark, and a 38 year old man was arrested.

Police said he had an extensive collection of marine life at his home. Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio spoke to CNN:

“When we got into the garage and into the house it looked like almost a mock up (of the San Antonio Aquarium). He knew very much what he was doing and kept that animal alive.”

“It was something he wanted, he had one of these in the past. He had one that passed away.”

Officers successfully rescued Miss Helen and returned her to the aquarium, where staff cheered as she made her homecoming.

Cover image and image in post via @SAAquarium on Twitter