We’ve seen it all now.

Image via Pixabay

Barbara the sheep has to wear a DD bra because of her massive udders.

Barbara lives in Norwich in the UK and was struggling to feed her lambs. Her owner David Cross and his wife Kathryn came up with a very clever idea to help her out.

“The ewe is an older girl, perfectly fit and healthy but when her udder bagged up with milk it was nearly dragging on the ground”, Kathryn told Metro.

“When she had her twin lambs they couldn’t get to the teats”.

“David was joking that she needed a bra for support”.

“Our neighbour happened to be round at the time and said she was just throwing out an old one if he wanted it – it was a 44DD and was actually a perfect fit”.

Image via Metro.co.uk

David re-fashioned the massive bra as a ‘boulder holder’ to help Barbara support her and allow her little lambs Buddy and Blossom to feed.

He cut two holes for her teats, popped the straps around her legs and fastened the bra on her back.

“The lambs were a bit unsure to start with but with a bit of guidance they soon got the hang of it”, says Kathryn.

She added that it’s the first time her husband – an experienced sheep farmer – has had to put a bra on a sheep. However, it was such a success that he wouldn’t rule out doing it again:

“He’s just really happy that it had the best outcome for mum and babies”.

“Just shows how you have to be a bit creative and resourceful in farming”.