A simple tweet about a common showering practice has ignited a fierce internet debate. 

The question is simple… Do you wash your legs in the shower?

The answer may seem very obvious to some, but it seems leg washing is not a priority of a surprising amount of people. 

It all started when Conor Arpwel, a graphic designer from Washington DC, posed a harmless question to Twitter on Friday last.

“Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?” He said. 

However, Conor was clearly not prepared for the response his simple question would garner.

Within 24-hours the leg-washer poll has recorded almost 800,000 votes and revealed 81 per cent of respondents wash their legs, while a surprising 19 per cent do not.

The poll’s founding father cleared up his stance on the issue, stating “for the record, I do wash my legs but lots of people apparently don’t”.

Here’s a snapshot of how it all went down. 

A very surprising amount of people admitted to not being leg washers. 

Barry is next level gross…

Luckily people were staunch in defence of team leg washers. 

‘What have I done’. 

Initially, Conor was chuffed that his impromptu question had started a started ”a whole cleanliness discourse”, but his feelings soon changed as the debate became more heated.

Internet fights even began to break out between pro and anti leg washers. 

“My name is Conor Arpwel and I am a leg washer,” he wrote.

“I only meant for this whole thing to be a fun & frivolous topic of conversation lol.”

He explained leg washing was an “important component” of his day, but he was not out to shame people who consciously chose to ignore their shins.