Tara Rafter, The Navigation Coach, speaks to iRadio in the Afternoon about how to handle your career being disrupted by the pandemic.


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Every Thursday on iRadio in the Afternoon, “Simplified” aims to explain a different pandemic-related issue.

This week focuses on careers – how to deal with them being disrupted by the pandemic, how to handle any anxiety you have around them, and how to plan for a potential career change.

Tara Rafter, The Navigation Coach, shares her expertise on how to cope with career-related anxiety.

“Everything you’re feeling is completely normal. If you’re feeling anxious or there’s a degree of fear there, hang out with it. You know, oftentimes we’re trying to shush it, or make it go away or ignore it. Feel the feeling.

“See if you can take it out of the fear bubble in the mind, and bring it out into the world. And a really great way to do that is, have a conversation with someone about it. Talk about what you’re afraid of, or do a little bit of journaling. And then ask yourself, what’s the remedy? So based on whatever the fear is, or whoever’s present in the mind, what can I do, what’s within my control?”

Tara says if you’re feeling like you would like to change your career, but you don’t know where the start, it’s vital to break down your goal into achievable parts.

“When I would work with athletes around mindset, a lot of the time, when it comes to goals, they know exactly what the top of the mountain looks like, but their focus is on putting one step in front of the other.

“Do I have the right shoes, what’s the weather like, am I fit and healthy today and can I put one step in front of the other? Because when we focus on the process, the result of getting to the top of the mountain organically happens.”

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