“Hot water bottles can be your friend”

There is a new trend that is helping people stay cool at night in bed and it involves a hot water bottle.

With the whole country experiencing temperatures as high as 25 degrees  this week, we may have some trouble getting to sleep.

James Uscroft shared his ‘cold water bottle hack’ on Twitter and it seems to be a hit in the bedroom.

According to Tyla, James suggests that you use a hot water bottle but using cold water.

James said on Twitter:

“If you #CantSleep because of the heat, then although it’s too late to do this tonight, remember this tip for tomorrow and in the future. Take a few ordinary hot water bottles, fill them with ‘COLD’ water, put them in the fridge for a few hours, and then use them as necessary.”

Although according to sleep expert James Wilson, sleeping with a cold object isn’t the best method of cooling

Wilson said:

“If something is really cold it will shock us and put our body into an awake mode (think about how you would feel if you jumped into a cold bath).”

“Hot water bottles can be your friend in terms of getting better sleep during this hot weather, but the water should be lukewarm rather than cold,”