“Cinderella of the job market”

Thinking of changing career in 2021? We might have the right roll for you.

A nightwear company is searching for a male and female to be their official “Slipper Testers” to try out its latest designs.

The lucky candidates work won’t go unnoticed as they will be rewarded £40,000(€44786.20) for their time.

Bedroom Athletics says that the vacant position is the “Cinderella of the job market”.

The role is open to students ,part-time works or a stay-at-home parent.

To apply for the job you have to head over to the companies website and say why you would be the perfect candidate.

According to the Mirror, you must wear slippers for at least 12 hours a day for two days in the month to test the slippers.

You also have to give the company extensive feedback on the slippers.

Speaking to The Sun, Bedroom Athletics founder Howard Wetter said:

“With the two new slipper testers on-board we’ll be in an even better position to provide the UK’s working from home work-force with second-to-none quality slippers.

“I can’t wait to see the applications, with recent lockdowns across the UK we hope it will be the perfect job for someone, it really is a great role to slip into,”