Calling all slouchers!

A new study shows that sitting up straight does not prevent or treat back pain.

Researchers at the University of Limerick found that relaxing is far more important.

Sitting up perfectly straight is actually quite likely to cause back pain.

That is the conclusion of a new study polling 100 people on their sitting habits.

Now, that does not mean you should go contorting your body into all sorts of odd shapes when you sit down,

Although all of the people surveyed were normally pain free, they believed they were sitting incorrectly and should sit up straighter.

Dr Kieran O’Sullivan, a lecturer at University of Limerick who contributed to the study, said views of how people should sit are outdated.

Meanwhile, Sean Campbell, the managing director of the Back Shop in Dublin, also recommended that people should not sit perfectly straight.

Researchers said the study was likely to prove crucial for the millions of people now working from home due to the pandemic.

They recommended that people should just sit whatever they find most comfortable.