Guests will also get allocated arrival times.

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The UK’s first dedicated socially distanced music venue launches today.

Its director of the arena in Newscastle says the place will be like a “VIP experience” for everyone there.

The Virgin Money Unity Arena at Gosforth Park has transformed its 45,000-square-metre field into an outdoor arena with 500 viewing platforms at least two metres apart from one another.

Each designated ‘pen’ can hold about three people and the platforms get slightly higher the further back you are from the stage.

Guests are also allocated arrival times when they see the likes of Sam Fender, Two Door Cinema Club and Supergrass there this month.

Promoter Steve Davis explained to Sky News how it’ll work:

“At the front people are on the grass and as you gradually get back, the platforms get higher.” 

“They’ve all obviously got steps and safety rails around the outside, and they’ll have seats on them as well for people who don’t want to stand up.”