Karen from work may look innocent drinking her pink gin with a slice of cucumber but she could be harbouring dark thoughts.

Go into any Irish pub at the weekend and you’ll spot hoards of revellers brandishing goblets of gin and tonic.

Such is the popularity of the spirit, it seems a new gin bar opens every week and a new gin launches just as often.

But did you know that a specific type of personality is more drawn to the drink?

A recent study’s discovered that people who prefer bitter tastes are more likely to possess antisocial personality traits.

Researchers in Austria asked 953 male and female participants to sample different foods that were sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

They were asked to grade each item on a scale and they also answered personality questionnaires, which gauged their emotional stability.

The study found bitter taste preferences, such as gin, black coffee and dark chocolate, is positively associated with malevolent personality traits, in particular sadism and psychopathy.