A new study’s discovered Irish dads are just as overwhelmed as mums in the first year of parenthood.

The research by WaterWipes found 56 per cent of dads often feel overwhelmed and 39 per cent put themselves under pressure to be a perfect parent. 

The ‘This is Parenthood’ global research project’s revealed that the ‘picture perfect’ portrayal of parenting in culture is disempowering parents in Ireland and across the world.

Furthermore, the study discovered that a whopping 62 per cent of Irish dads don’t feel comfortable talking to their friends about their fatherhood struggles. 

While 40 per cent would refrain from opening up due to a fear of being judged.

Commenting on the research, David Lawlor, WaterWipes Brand Marketing Manager, said:

“We all know that having a baby completely changes your life. Parenting is not an easy or straightforward journey.

“This Father’s Day we want to praise all the great dads out there and encourage them to take some time to go on a Dad Date with a friend or family member to talk about their difficulties of parenthood, as dads can get overwhelmed too and might not feel comfortable expressing how they are coping.

“Treat your dad to a Dad Date this Father’s Day.”