“You can’t hide your lying eyes.”

Cheating men reportedly have unfaithfulness written all over their faces.

A new study has found that women and men can spot unfaithful lads by just looking at them.

The research published in the Royal Society Open Science journal discovered that male cheats have specific facial features.

Scientists at the University of Western Australia  recruited over 1,500 heterosexual men and women, and asked them to judge photos of 200 adults, who had previously taken part in a study on sexual unfaithfulness. 

The people in the photos had revealed if they had cheated or “poached” a partner from someone else. Their images had also already been rated for attractiveness, untrustworthiness and how masculine or feminine they looked.

The participants were asked to rate the sexual unfaithfulness of either the men’s or women’s faces on a 10-point scale.

Researchers found that men and women gave above-chance accurate scores of unfaithfulness to the photos of men who had admitted cheating or poaching.

The majority of male cheats had “masculine” faces, such as a strong jaw, prominent brow ridges, and thin lips.  

However, women who stray proved to be impossible to read in the same way.

The scientists concluded that the level of accuracy could have biological significance for identifying potential cheaters and poachers.