A lot of people think ”far too much” drink is consumed on Paddy’s Day.

An iReach Insights survey has revealed the majority of Irish citizens think too much alcohol is consumed on St. Patrick’s Day.

The survey, which queried 1,000 Irish adults about alcohol consumption on our National Day found that 58% of people think “far too much drink” is taken on March 17th every year.

While almost 29% think that “a lot of alcohol” is consumed.

Only 8% think that a “reasonable amount of alcohol” is consumed.

And 5% think “not that much” is drunk.

Continuing on from this, the results showed 79% of participants believe St Patrick’s Day feeds into Irish stereotypes of drinking. While 52% of people in Ireland will drink alcohol on the day.

Some other interesting stats to come from the survey include:

  • Only 12% of Irish people will drink a green beer on St.Patrick’s Day. 
  • 55% think that the day itself is too commercialised.
  • Despite this 76% of adults in Ireland still like St Patrick’s Day.
  • 85% of the younger age group (16-34) like celebrating the National day.
  • 53% of people will go to a parade or watch the one on TV.
  • 44% will spend time at home with their family and friends.
  • While 24% will go out for drinks.

Are you surprised by any of the stats covered in this survey?