Fake Irishness and hangovers were high on the list.

We’re within touching distance of the St.Patrick’s Day long weekend, a mini break the majority of the nation has had penciled in the calendar for some time.

And while we love Paddy’s Day and wouldn’t change a thing about it, there are a few things that some Irish people aren’t looking forward to on the 17th.

A new national survey by online lottery betting company Lottoland, has revealed what we dislike most about the annual St Patrick’s Day festivities.

And the clear winner of the survey was the scenes of debauchery around the nation’s pubs.

This was followed by the thought of watching Taoiseach Leo Varadkar ‘sucking up’ to President Donald Trump in the White House.

The poll, which quizzed over 1,000 people, also found that Irish adults hated the fake Irishness, as well as the overrated parades and the inevitable hangover the next day.

Image: IrishMirror

This is how the results looked:

  •  Over 3 in 10 Irish adults (31%) claim that the debauchery around pubs on St Patrick’s Day is their least favourite thing about the day. 
  • Watching the annual shamrock hand-over in Washington bothered 21% of Irish females and 18% of males.
  • Fake Irishness is the biggest gripe from Millennials , 20% of 18-24 year-olds most bothered by this aspect.
  • While unsurprisingly the 18-24’s fear the inevitable next-day hangover the most at 21%.

Graham Ross, Ireland Country Manager for Lottoland said “Maybe it’s verging on sacrilegious to ask the question but we thought it was time to really find out what Irish people think about St. Patrick’s Day.

“The results were very interesting, with some surprisingly familiar features of the National celebration coming in for some heavy criticism from the Irish public. At least it’s not all bad news, with Lottoland boosting the Irish Lotto jackpot to a massive €10 million for our customers only on Saturday 16 March to hopefully take some of those St Patrick’s Day blues away.”