Teachers have been given full indemnity.

The Association of Secondary Teachers (ASTI) has secured full security for teachers against potential legal costs arising from law suits over predicted grades for the Leaving Cert 2020.

This means, in the case a teacher is sued, they will not have to pay their own legal costs.

There was concerns that the state indemnity being offered didn’t go far enough – and they wanted a guarantee that if a student took a claim, 100 per cent of the legal costs would be covered.

Now that they have that guarantee, the ASTI has advised it’s members to proceed with the Calculated Grades for Leaving Certificate 2020 model.

“Crucially, the Department of Education and Skills has given an undertaking that in all cases where the indemnity applies, the Chief State Solicitor’s Office will take over the running of the litigation,” said ASTI.

“This strengthening of the indemnity will ensure that a teacher will not have to employ her/ his own legal team to defend herself/ himself and run the risk of incurring large irrecoverable costs and expenses.

“The ASTI is now in a position to advise its members to engage with the Calculated Grades for Leaving Certificate 2020 model.”

Teachers can now begin the grading process.