She went to bed with a headache.

baby girl

Image via Librestock

A teenager in the UK woke up from a coma to find out she had given birth.

Ebony Stevenson (18) originally went into a coma after going to bed complaining of a headache.

She woke up four days later on December 6th to discover she had given birth to a ‘surprise’ baby girl.

The teenager from Oldham has a rare condition which means she didn’t know she was pregnant. The condition, called uterus didelphys, means her baby developed in one of two wombs. She told BBC News that her pregnancy went unnoticed because she hadn’t missed a period, had no morning sickness and never developed a bump.

She told the BBC that the whole experience was “overwhelming”.

“Meeting my baby was so surreal. It felt like an out-of-body experience,” she said.

“I worried I wouldn’t bond with my daughter because I had no time to get my head around her arrival, but I think she’s amazing.”

“It’s an absolute miracle.”