A woman has shared the text she received from her ex-boyfriend a day before his wedding. Source: Twitter

“I’m getting married tomorrow. I wanted to send you this message.”

The text message that a man sent to his ex-girlfriend just a day before he was getting married to someone else has gone viral.

Alexsa Sanchez Aguilar shared a screenshot on Twitter on Friday of the message she received from her ex-lover that some have labelled “beautiful”.

The purpose of the message was to let Alexsa know how grateful he is to have met her, and to thank her helping shape him into the person he is today.

However not everyone agreed with the sentiment, with a lot of people labeling the message “weird”.

The message read:

“I’m getting married tomorrow. I wanted to send you this message. (My fiance knows I’m sending this to you),” he wrote.

“Thank you for being my first love. Thank you for always encouraging me, thank you for keeping me out of trouble, thank you for the times you took care of me when I was sick and depressed.

“Thank you for loving me,” he continued.

“If you haven’t already I hope you one day find love. If you loved me that much when we were young I can only imagine how strong and powerful your love is now. The way your heart is made it’s amazing. I know we were only kids when we dated but you taught me what love is.”

He then went on to say he hoped the man lucky enough to end up with Ms Sanchez Aguilar treated her with care.

“I hope he knows who he has in front of him, I hope he shows you love and loyalty every day. You deserve that and more,” he added.

“My point in all of this is, you are the reason why I know how to love someone. You taught me love, you taught me how to deal with my anger, how to deal with my depression and how to live life to the fullest and I’m grateful for you. I wish you love and happiness.”

“He still loves you”.

The text soon went seriously viral, racking up 100,000 retweets, more than 411,000 likes and thousands of mixed comments.

One woman said, “This isn’t beautiful, but that’s me.”

Anther explained: I would die if I moulded a man to be the perfect husband for another woman.”

Another commented: “So basically thanking you for molding him to be the perfect husband to someone that’s not u? feels unnecessary.”

“Looool I’m sorry I’m not built like this but this is sooo unnecessary. he still loves you girl,” added another.

However some people praised the man for being mature.

“This has to be the most beautiful thing Ive read. Shout out to both of y’all for being such damn good people,” one person said.

“Imagine having an ex this mature.”

Among the comments, Alexsa added some more clarification to the scenario: “We were extremely young. We lost our best friend to suicide which is why we have so much respect towards each other,” she said.

The reply.

The reason Alexsa shared the texts on Twitter was to show that just because things don’t work out with someone “that doesn’t mean you should have hate towards them”.

“Regardless of everything, you were meant to be a part of that person’s life and them yours,” she said.

For those asking why they didn’t end up together, Ms Sanchez Aguilar explained: “It’s not that he wasn’t a great man when we dated because he was/is a great man!

“We just didn’t work out and that’s fine!!! Relationships don’t always end with hating the person. It just simply doesn’t work out!”