It’s that time of year again.

The Leaving Cert results come out on Tuesday and thousands of students across the country will finally find out how they fared in the June exams. The results become available from all schools on Tuesday 13th August from 9am and on the online portal from 10am.

If you’re one of the 57,000 people awaiting those all-important results, here are our top tips:

DO – Have someone supportive with you

Whether you’re finding out the results from the comfort of your laptop in your pyjamas or you’re heading into the school to collect them in person, it’s a good idea to have someone supportive alongside you. It can be your Mam, your Dad, your bestie or your sister – whoever you choose, make sure they’re the type that’ll dish out the reassuring words if required.

DON’T – Open your results in front of your classmates

This might go without saying but if you’re heading in to collect your results in person from the school, don’t open them up in front of your classmates or your teachers. Your Leaving Cert results is a lot of information to take in and it’s going to be extra stressful if you’ve Emma from Geography class having a look over your shoulder. Get your results and open them up in your own time maybe back in the car or at home with a cup of tea. Trust us on this one.

DO – Double and triple check the points

There’s a LOT of letters and numbers jumping out of you from that results page so once you get your points tally – check it again and check it at least another two times. The CAO website has a good Points Calculator if you want to bookmark it. Remember you can only use the results of your best six grades of one Leaving Cert to calculate your points total.

DON’T – Panic.

Don’t have the points you need? Honestly don’t fret about it. Take a deep breath and try process the options you do have. There are so many other choices available to you including PLC courses, back routes and appreticeships to name but a few. Plus, the points for your course could still change. Sit it out and wait until the first round of the CAO offers come out on Thursday 15th August at 2pm There really is another way into every career!

DO – Check in on your friends

Once you’ve come to terms with your own results, check in on how your friends are feeling after theirs. It’s always a good rule of thumb not to ask people directly how many points they got but instead, see whether they need a chat or a distraction. We’re all in this together, after all!

Good luck!