We’re hoarse from laughing!

With the Galway Races kicking off today, we’re guaranteed to hear some weird and wonderful racehorse names.

1. Magic Carpet Burns

This Australian mare’s father was called Foreplay. No, we’re not joking.

2. Geespot

The British horse was bred using a stallion named Pursuit of Love and a mare called My Discovery, which makes sense.

3. Arrrrr

Commentators had great craic saying this American gelding’s name, which is obvious in this clip.

4. Horsey McHorseface

The American thoroughbred was given his moniker after a ship in the UK was named Boaty McBoatface following a public poll.

5. Big Tits

Horse racing censors in the UK vetoed Big Tits so its owners registered it in France, where the phrase means nothing.

4. Hoof Hearted

Say it out loud. Yes, it sounds like ‘Who Farted’.

5. Shakalakaboomboom

We love this Irish gelding’s name.

6. Oh No, It’s My Mother-in-Law

Commentators must love this one.

7. Whykickamoocow

Why indeed?

8. Maythehorsebewithu

This New Zealand thoroughbred is one for Star Wars fans.

9. My Tent Or Yours

The Irish-bred, British-trained horse is owned by JP McManus.

10. Frisky No More

This gelding’s mother was called Frisky Business, believe it or not.

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