Plus we’ll get an extra 15 minutes of the show tonight. 

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Love Island have given us a first look at tonight’s show.

The trailer shows the girls confronting Maura today about her pursuit of Tommy but Maura isn’t backing down. Elsewhere, the boys get a text and head off on a spa day and Amy and Lucy have a little confrontation. See it all here:

Longford girl Maura has already proved a hit. Last night’s episode of Love Island delivered the show’s highest viewing share this season, even beating the launch episode with an average of 238,000 viewers.

Here’s what’s going down in Love Island tonight on Virgin Media Two from 9pm:

Maura and Molly-Mae battle for Tommy’s affections

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Maura only has eyes for Tommy and makes absolutely no secret of it. The morning after an explosive night, she tells Tommy she was going to join him in the day beds outside: 

“I was going to join you but I probably would have got in trouble.”

Later that day, Amber has a chat with Maura and asks about how her dates went the previous night.

Amber wastes no time in asking her “Do you not think you’ve stepped on Molly-Mae’s toes a little bit?”

Maura says “He said that he wants to get to know me.”

It’s not long before Molly-Mae and Anna join Amber and Maura on the bean bags and Molly-Mae explains to Maura how she feels about Tommy. She says “Tommy and I have been getting on really well. I’ve spent a lot of time with him in this villa.”

Things get tense between the girls as Amber interrupts and addresses Maura “Do you think that maybe you should have pulled Molly-Mae aside?”

Maura says “No. They’re not in a relationship.”

Tommy’s head has done that 560 degree turn (???) for Maura, however Molly-Mae isn’t giving up and is keen to get things back on track with Tommy. She tells him:

“Last night, I never expected to get as upset as I did. It made me realise a lot of things. I’m apologising for going off on you like that. It wasn’t necessary. I felt hurt that you didn’t pull me for a chat before you pulled Maura for a chat.”

Tommy says “I do apologise. It was a stupid thing to not pull you straight away after I’ve been coupled up with you for six days. Terrible move. I just don’t get why you didn’t lock it off. You were keeping your options open.”

Shortly after, Maura and Tommy have a chat on the day beds and Maura wants to know where she stands.

Tommy tells her “I’m hugely attracted to you. You know you’re sexy.”

Maura sees this as her opportunity to make a move and asks him “What about if I asked you to kiss me?”

Elma takes a liking to Anton

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Maura has made it clear who she is interested in but she wants to know who fellow new arrival Elma has got her eye on. and the pair head to the terrace for a gossip.

Elma talks to her about Anton saying “He’s just a gentleman. I’m really enjoying getting to know him.”

Later that day, Elma is chatting to Yewande and Amy. Yewande says “You seem to be getting on well with Anton?”

Elma says “I really like him. He’s really surprised me. I actually really enjoyed his company.”

The Boys head out for a Spa Day

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The Islanders are relaxing in the garden when Curtis receives a text which reads “Boys. It’s time to kick back and relax as today you’re all going on a spa day.”

Before they head out, the boys gather in the Beach Hut and reflect on the news. Michael says “I feel like the girls have had it quite easy. We’ve been quite stressed. We deserve this. We’re getting out of the villa for a bit of lad time. It’s exactly what we need.”

The boys arrive at the spa and get in the hot tubs and Tommy, Joe and Curtis reflect on last night’s events. 

Tommy says “She[Maura]’s straight-up. She’s come in and said to me ‘I fancy you and I want to get to know you’ and that’s what I’ve been looking for since I’ve been in here. All I asked for was a bit of reassurance [from Molly-Mae] and I didn’t get that. I don’t think she knows what she wants. But Maura, she’s older and wiser and knows what she wants. That suits me down to the ground.”

Amy and Lucie have a bit of a confrontation

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As Elma gets to know Yewande and Amy more, Amy fills Elma in on her recent drama with Lucie and Joe. Later that day, Elma is getting to know Lucie and she tells her about her conversation with Amy and suggests that the two girls resolve their differences. Shortly after, Lucie heads over to speak to Amy on the day beds and tells her:

“I thought we had sorted things out.”

Amy says “So did I. I just feel like since you’ve been with Joe, I haven’t seen you. I‘ve just missed you that is all.”

Lucie says “I feel like I’m fine with you. I just hang out more with the guys because I get on with them better.”

Lucie gets upset and Amy attempts to comfort her adding “I just feel like you needed me then and you don’t need me much now, so I’ve been cast aside. We can’t have an issue between us.”