*Collective sigh*

As has been well documented over the past 24 hours, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram were left in the dark as services went down all around the globe.

According to downdector.com, which monitors network outages across the globe, the outages started around 4pm yesterday in parts of Ireland, the United States, other areas in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Some services even remain down at the time of writing (1pm on Thursday).

The social media giant said it was not a DDoS attack, a type of attack that hackers use to interrupt service to a site by flooding it with traffic.

However, in a story that will almost certainly make your face end up in your hands, emergency services in various countries around the world were forced to asked people from calling them to report the outage.

Like this example from Australia.

Just watch until the end to see the utter shame on the news presenters face when she has to say it out loud.

Police in New Zealand weren’t saved from the stupidity either…

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head…