Jesus, Mary and Cabinets!

Image: Facebook/VintageVendor

An unusual mahogany cabinet is gaining a bit of attention in a Tralee antique shop.

Vintage Vendors in Tralee took to Facebook to show an Edwardian mahogany display cabinet which many feel has an uncanny resemblance to a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Owner Tom O’Connor noticed the natural pattern of the wood grain on the door reflects the statue.

Mr O’Connor revealed since the shop posted pictures of the cabinet on Facebook it had been viewed over 11,000 times.

“Many have left comments agreeing that the resemblance is striking. We have had plenty visitors to view the cabinet in person and not everyone that comes to visit can see the resemblance but I must admit that when a statue of “Our Lady of Lourdes” was offered up for comparison the resemblance is undeniable.”

Mr O’Connor said he didn’t know much about the origins of the cabinet other than that it is an Edwardian mahogany display cabinet c. 1910 – 1915 woth the trademark Greenlands Ltd, Hereford England.

He revealed the cabinet had made its way to the shop from a residence in Northern Ireland before being purchased by a Tralee man.