One little fella was called Uslime Bolt!

More than 150 snails took part in the World Snail Racing Championship in the UK at the weekend.

The annual event, which has been held since the 1960s, takes place in Norfolk.

Competitors are allowed to bring their own snail or select one from the organisers’ stash.

The snails are then placed on a special damp cloth marked with three circles and they race 13 inches (33 cm) to the outer ring.

The race begins with the words, “Ready, steady slow!”

And the prize for the lucky winner?

A silver cup full of lettuce leaves.

Winner Jo Waterfield Grimston found her snail the morning of the event.

She named him Hosta as he’s been eating her Hosta plants all summer.

Hosta completed the race in three minutes and 10 seconds.

Cover image via Eastern Daily Press