Whoever needs to hear this – stop procrastinating and get your provisional!

There is no greater freedom than the feel of the open road.

It’s an outdoor summer, getting your licence (or at least getting the process started) is the key to road trips with your mates, and a sunny season filled with good memories.

We’ve even compiled a special playlist to make sure you’re suitably supplied with quality bangers.

Is that enough to convince you to get the theory sorted?

If not, in-person driver theory tests resume today at the 40 testing centres nationally.

The Road Safety Authority says it’ll initially do 25,000 theory tests per month, increasing to 50,000 over time.

More than 120,000 people are currently waiting to take their driver theory test, after centres closed due to the pandemic.

RSA spokesperson Brian Farrell, hopes the backlog can be cleared by the autumn depending on when they can increase testing capacity in line with Government guidelines.