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How well do you know your partner?

One therapist has gone viral after weighing in about the important things you should know about your partner six months into a relationship.

Internet star Therapist Guenther says we should be focusing on “how people can feel more confident and worthy in a relationship.”

His video, recently shared on TikTok, got over 4.1 million views and 613,800 likes with viewers who were left applauding his advice.

Some event suggested their own things you need to know.

One commented: “Which way do they hang their toilet paper” as another then said: “The temperature they like the thermostat on.”

Others listed suggestions for good questions to ask or answer about your partner to better your relationship.

Do you think you could answer all these about your partner?

Ten Things You NEED To Know About A Partner

1. How do they want to celebrate their birthday?
2. How much alone time, if any, do they need?
3. What’s their favourite food?
4. What turns them on and gets them in the mood?
5. How long do they need to get ready and head out the door?
6. What’s their favourite TV show, movie and band?
7. What’s their most controversial take?
8. Who’s their best friend and why?
9. What family member triggers them the most?
10.What will instantly make them laugh?

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