This is probably the world’s most bizarre museum!

A man in South Wales has opened up his home to the public, calling it Captain Beany’s Baked Bean Museum Of Excellence.

Barry Kirk’s two-bedroom council flat in the town of Port Talbot is dedicated (as you’ve probably guessed) to the humble baked bean.

It’s so popular that it’s the fourth highest rated attraction in Port Talbot according to TripAdvisor. The travel website has given the museum a five star certificate of excellence.

Barry, who’s changed his name to Captain Beany by deed poll, began collecting baked bean cans over 31 years ago – thus starting his bean obsession.

The 63 year old was inspired by Roger Daltrey of The Who. The band’s album, The Who Sell Out, features the singer lying in a bath full of baked beans.

Barry then started buying bean memorabilia from eBay, painting his face orange and wearing a golden cape, pants, gloves and boots.

He transformed into Captain Beany, a fundraising superhero from Planet Beanus, raising thousands of pounds for charity.

At the same time, he had shelves and units installed in his house for all his toys, advertising signs and quirky bean-related knick-knacks.

He has around 500 items on display and the contents of the museum is insured for £10,000. Barry’s since had his bald head tattooed entirely with bright orange beans.

Speaking to The Mirror, he says he doesn’t discriminate between brands but he’s in regular contact with Heinz:

“Heinz gave me some great little bits and pieces. They always acknowledge me and thank me for putting them on the proverbial map.”

So, what’s next for Captain Beany?

“The Holy Grail is to have my own brand, Captain Beany’s Baked Beans!”

Have you bean to Captain Beany’s Baked Bean Museum Of Excellence?!

Cover image and images in post via South Wales Evening Post