We’ve had cat-fishing, ghosting and bread-crumbing, but there’s a new dating trend to watch out for.

If you’re a singleton and familiar with the likes of Grindr, Tinder and Bumble, you’ll know that the dating app waters are turbulent; it’s hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s exaggerated.

While many try to put the best versions of themselves out there on social media, some can take it too far.

This new term called “kitten fishing” encapsulates the white lies people tell online, in order to make themselves look “better”.

Kitten fishing isn’t as cute as it sounds. At all.

The term was created by dating app ‘Hinge’.

Examples of kitten fishing may be a guy who claims to be 26 and 6 foot, when he’s in fact 5.5 and 30.

The worry is that people don’t seem to consider this stretching of the truth as lying.

Have you experienced kittenfishing?