Is there anything worse to shop for than jeans?

From the hundreds of different styles and shades to the size changes between shops, finding a pair of well-fitting jeans isn’t easy.

When you do find “the one”, you want to hold onto them forever. But inevitably you’ll wear them to death and then the whole nightmare of shopping for your dream denim starts again.

Until now…


You’ll soon be able to buy jeans that will last 50 years.

Half Century Jeans has announced their plans to create “indestructible” jeans.

According to their Kickstarter page, the company is using a mix of fibres that’s 15 times stronger than cable steel.

Instead of blended cotton, the mix includes Japanese selvedge denim and Spectra fibres.

They’re also made through continuous cross-threading.

This means that there will be no rips, frays or tears and if they don’t last as long as promised, Half Century Jeans says that the repair is free.

The jeans will cost £69 (€78) and are described as being “as comfortable as your favourite pair of jeans”.

Half Century Jeans says we need to “buy less and buy better” as fashion is the world’s second most polluting industry.

Would you wear indestructible jeans?!