What is your favourite Christmas advert?

With exactly one month to go until Christmas Day, we want to know what your favourite Christmas TV advert is?

One of the classic Christmas TV adverts is Kellogg’s Cornflakes, where we see a little girl wake up during the night and finds Santa Clause in her living room.

Other popular TV adverts are “The Coca-Cola Holidays are Coming” which was released first in 1990. The “Holidays are Coming” jingle tells you to go and get excited and is full of those special Christmas feelings.


In 2003 one of the most enduring Irish Christmas adverts, “Guinness and The Home of the Black stuff was broadcast. Unlike some Christmas adverts, Guinness has no product placement in the advert. Instead of encouraging people to go to the pub, they wanted the audience to spend Christmas at home with family while also hoping for a white Christmas. In 2020 the epic advert was released in a more modern format.


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