A top hairdressers claims shampoo can do as much bad as it does good.

Washing your hair can be time consuming, regardless of its length.

Some of us can go days without reaching for the shampoo and conditioner, while others have to wash and style their hair every day to prevent it looking greasy.

But how often should we actually be washing our locks?

A New York hairstylist says most of us shouldn’t be shampooing every day.

Julien Farel told GQ that our hair will be less oily if we cut back on the washing:

“If you shampoo every day, it will strip your scalp of all its natural oils and can lead to dry, brittle hair.”

So more washing means more oil, and less washing means less oil.

Julien recommends shampooing every two or three days, and using products that contain scalp-friendly ingredients.

He says shampoo with tea tree oil stimulates circulation in the scalp, fortifying follicles and promoting growth, while rinsing away excess build-up.

The hairdresser claims only those with an oily scalp should wash every day.

You’ll know if you’ve oily hair if you scratch your scalp and pull away a film of sebum.

Your face is probably oilier than most too.