Twelve months ago we witnessed the flavour battle to end all flavour battles.

Fanta Blood Orange verses Fanta Wildberry Zero… The vote was put to you and the result was unanimous.

Ireland is Wildberry country.

And now, the time has come to unleash the new Fanta Wildberry Zero into its new natural habitat!

To welcome Fanta’s latest flavour to the family, Fanta Wildberry murals will be painted all over the country.

And if you’re able to spot one and get a selfie with it, you could bag yourself €2500!

All you need to do to win the cash is WhatsApp your Fanta Wildberry mural selfie into iRadio on 087 1 102 107 along with the word ‘Wildberry’, and that’s it!

You’ll even be able to follow the locations of the Fanta Wildberry murals on iradio.ie/fantawildberry and by listening out to iRadio for clues from our presenters.

Take walk on the Wildberry side with Fanta only on iRadio. 

For your chance to win, click here.