Doesn’t sound so hard…

One of the best things about the age we’re living in at the moment is our willingness to make individual minor sacrifices to help the environment.

Think of using paper straws instead of plastic – they might start to fall apart in your mouth a little bit, but they’re so much better for the environment than plastic ones.

Or think keep cups – sure you might have to carry the cup with you in your bag, but think of the hundreds of takeaway coffee cups you aren’t contributing to global waste as a result.

Another prime example of a small sacrifice going a long way is throwing your chewing gum in the bin!

By simply making the little sacrifice of walking to the nearest bin or wrapping your gum in a tissue to throw away later, you’d be doing your part in keeping gum litter to a minimum in Ireland.

According to the Gum Litter Task Force, 92% of Irish people now recognise chewed gum as litter – and are already making their small sacrifice.

A great start, but now it’s our job to ensure 100% of us are on the same page.

And to begin the final push to eradicate gum from our streets, the GLT (Gum Litter Task Force) have implemented a simple message to those 8% who are still dropping their gum wherever they please… ‘Bin your gum, when you’re done. And avoid a €150 fine’.

Surprisingly, it’s that simple…

So let’s jump on board with the GLT in 2019 and help get their message off the ground, and see how far our small sacrifice goes.