No, it’s not “We were on a break”.

Friends has given us so much – laughs, fashion inspiration, The Rachel, and new vocabulary.

The hit TV show spawned heaps of phrases we still use in our everyday lives, such as “friend zone”, “he’s her lobster”, “meat sweats”, “moo point”, “pivot” and “I’m fiiiiiine”.

But according to new data none of those are the most used phrase from the sitcom.

3. “We were on a break”

In third place is Ross’ defence of his one night stand. He uttered the phrase nine times as he tried to win Rachel back.

2. “Oh. My. God.”

In second place is Janice’s catchphrase, which she shouted 12 times.

1. “How you doin?”

The number one most used phrase from Friends is Joey’s chat-up line. He used it 19 times and it worked almost every single time.