McDonald’s burger seeks to live forever (Courtesy: WKEF/WRGT)

You can even still see traces of mustard!

Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s in your favorite junk foods?

Well judging by this McDonalds burger which is reportedly 18-years-old, you probably don’t want to know…

An American nutrition educator named Lori Kelch from Dorothy Lane Market (DLM), made an appearance on morning TV show FOX45 recently.

And she brought with her an almost 18-year-old McDonald’s hamburger that bares a scary resemblance to how it would’ve looked the day it was sold in about 2001.

Some perspective here. If this burger was a person it could do all of the following:

  • Vote
  • Drive
  • Drink alcohol legally
  • Play restricted age video games

Needless to say, she suggested that the preservatives keeping the unholy patty alive are not good for your health. Shocker.

“Part of my concern is what is in this burger that allows it to literally live forever?,” said Kelch.

“The reason that I take this with me and show it is because I want people to understand that there are consequences beyond the fat and calories for the food choices that we make.”

Is this enough to turn you off the golden arches? Or will you still be in the drive-thru for your Friday night takeaway?