“I’ve eaten 500,000 sprouts in the last 20 years.”

Alan Park AKA ‘Mr Christmas’ holds the title for celebrating Christmas every single day of the year.

Louise Clarke and The Hub caught up with Alan on Monday to find out just how he does it.

The question on all our minds was what does he eat everyday and well, he had no shame in saying he loved a bit of turkey.

“You’re not eating Chinese or Indian, or you don’t go out for meals.

“If I do go out for a meal, I always make sure I’ve got a Christmas dinner booked, you know, at one of the local restaurants.

“I think it’s lovely. You just imagine, sprouts everyday, carrots, there’s a gorgeous bit of turkey and Christmas pud. I’ve eaten 500,000 sprouts in the last 20 years.”

When asked if he did anything different for the real Christmas day, Alan simply said “Not really, no. Apart from, well, my door stays open to anyone who wants to come and see me anyway on Christmas day”

Alan admitted he was “crackers” but that he loved what he did and couldn’t imagine changing now.

” I enjoy doing it and I don’t think anything is ever going to stop me, and I’m not hurting nobody, I’m just having a good time.”