Remember these?

Every Irish primary school kid remembers that distinct intro to Alive-O.

You knew it was going to be a top day when the television was rolled into the classroom and the Alive-O tuneage got going. Absolute scenes.

This Throwback Thursday on the AO Show, Aidan and Oonagh took a trip down memory lane and recalled the school hymns we all sang together in primary school. Here are the the songs that are still absolute tunes all those years later:

The Apostles Song

Our very own Oonagh caught herself humming this song about the 12 apostles in the shower the last day! 

“There was Peter and Andrew, James and John…”


Here I Am Lord

I mean, a classic. It worked at communions AND confirmations and even the odd funeral. So versatile.

Here’s wee Daniel’s version: 

Bind Us Together, Lord

So uplifting with its “chords that cannot be broken” line. It’d nearly bring a tear to a stone. This song was actually banned from one listener, Sinead’s school!

Check out the podcast to find out why. 

Seeds, Scattered and Sown

With a big, deep chorus, this tune required the effort of the entire school choir! No messing at the back during this one. 

Our listener, Nadine, also gave a beautiful rendition of the song this morning!

Circle of Friends

Another belter from the Alive-O archive. A lot of the time, it was accompanied by some awkward hand holding with your second class mates. Just to truly hammer home the ‘togetherness’ theme.

Just when you thought this tune couldn’t get any better, here’s the remix: 

We Are Marching In The Light Of God

This one brought a touch of reggae to religion class. You were only chuffed when you were chosen to play the maracas or the tambourine during this hymn too. A real honour. 

My Shepherd Is The Lord 

This one was all about the visuals. Quiet streams, planting dreams, peace and love… it’s poetry, really. 

He is Lord, He is Lord

What a tune! The power that you belted out the “he is risen from the dead” line is unrivalled.

Once more, for old time’s sake:


Listen back to the podcast below to hear those songs in all their glory: