What qualities do you look for in a partner?

Kind? Generous? Funny?

What about physical traits?

Nice smile? Tall? Slim?

A man on Tinder has gone one step further when specifying what he wants in a girl – by revealing the type of manicure that he expects from a match.

Twitter user Rebecca Watkin outed the guy named Alex after she stumbled across his profile.

Alex, who is 25 years old and from Essex, loves “a lass who gets her nails done often” and “keeps them fresh”.

Image Credit: twitter.com/Rebecca__Watkin

Image Credit: twitter.com/Rebecca__Watkin

The footballer and warehouse worker even included photos of his preferred type of nails and admitted that a set of acrylics turn him on.

“When u hold her hand and feel her acrylics on her fingers, gives me tingles.

“Yes basically acrylics or french tips are a massive turn on for me. They can also scratch your neck and back.”

Rebecca took to Twitter to say “Tinder truly never fails to amaze me.”