The next time you leave your change behind at a toll booth, think about this

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

More than 800-thousand euro in cash has been left at toll booths by motorists not taking their change.

429-thousand euro in excess tolls were collected during 2020, with another 387-thousand euro in change left behind between January and October last year.

The Irish Independent reports the M1 was the most lucrative road for excess tolls during that time with 143-thousand euro in cash left at booths.

That was followed by the M7/M8 in Laois, the figure there is €120,000.

The M3 toll in Meath comes next, with €112,000 left behind by motorists there according to figures from Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

The M4 toll near Kinnegad comes in at €104,000, the M8 in Cork at €89,000, the Limerick Tunnel at €96,000, the Waterford Bypass at €86,000, and the Dublin Port Tunnel at €36,000, according to the Independent.

The M50 didn’t take in any extra money, due to the barrier-less and digital system in place there.