The boot closed on a car.

With the start of a new year, there’ll be plenty of you looking out at your jalopy on the driveway, and hankering for that new car smell.

We live in one of the most exciting eras to be buying, while previous choices were defined by a simple petrol or diesel decision, 2021 brings a selection of some of the most capable Electric and Hybrid-Electric vehicles ever seen on the public roads.

We’ve teamed up with Cavan Credit Union to bring you some of your top new car options for 2021.

In no particular order, we’ll start with an EV suggestion.

Electric Vehicle 

Volkswagen ID3

Every year this category gets more difficult to judge. For years, Tesla has been the be all and end all, it’s been the electric car. But the ID3 brings such an impressive package to the scene, it’ll be hard to turn a blind eye. It’s enjoyed strong sales in Ireland since it landed here last year. Look at it as picking up where the Golf leaves off. With build quality and comfort at the fore of the VW brand, expect more of the same from the brand new platform. As with all electric cars, power is instantaneous bringing a driving experience that’s as much fun as it is practical.

One of the car’s party pieces is an electric range of up to 542km depending on which version you get, a figure which thoroughly keeps up the majority of fossil fuel powered competitors, with a price tag to match.

Price from €33,625 after government grants.



The mid-sized family vehicle category is absolutely bursting with mini-SUV’s. They’re cars that offer space for the whole family, dogs included, while maintaining somewhat of a fashionable image.

Skoda Karoq


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No manufacturer has captured the imagination of the Irish public quite as much as Skoda. Their versatile range of family cars goes all the way up to the impressively buff-looking Kodaiq, but we’re going to just dial it back a notch to the slightly smaller but just as capable Karoq.

The Karoq is one of those all rounders. A slightly larger successor to the hugely popular Yeti, the Karoq looks equally at home on a business trip as it does on the school run. It comes in a selection of petrol or diesel versions, with the 1.6 TDI boasting an impressive 65 miles per gallon plus.

Price from €27,715


Hot Hatch

Ford Fiesta ST

If you’re in the market for a compact package with a sizable punch then look no further than the little firecracker that is Ford’s latest Fiesta ST. It comes in three levels, handily named ST-1, ST-2 and ST-3. The 1.5 three cylinder engine is not to be scoffed at, horsing out 200bhp while delivering an impressive (up-to) 47 mpg.

The optional performance pack gets you such sporty fixtures as a mechanical limited-slip differential and launch control, while Recaro bucket seats come as standard. Interior quality has also been much improved over previous models, which means the latest Fiesta ST is an all round much improved and more mature car than its predecessor. It also means its a good option for anyone wanting a little extra horsepower on their driveway, without looking like a yob.

Price from €25,874.


Volkswagen Golf

Whether it’s a Mk7 or new Mk8, the two Golfs share the same platform, and bring with them one of the most revered names in motoring history.

The new Mk8 gets updated and futuristic styling inside and out. There’s also a hefty selection of engine and fuel choices including hybrid. The engines are updated to be cleaner and more efficient but the soul of the Golf still remains. Plenty of room for most applications, a generous boot for a hatchback and a brand name that means absolutely no one will question you for buying one. You could have a Seat Leon (essentially the same car underneath) for less money, but at the end of the day, a Golf is a Golf.

Price from €24,510