Would you wear trackies to a wedding?

We all know that certain wedding traditions are getting ditched for more contemporary ideas.

One couple has sparked a debate after they turned up to their wedding reception wearing tracksuits.

While they kept with the colours of a tradition bride and groom they decide to wear joggers and trainers.

According to Tyla, the videographer said:

“When you roll up to your wedding reception like… 🤟🏻

“I love when couples say screw tradition and find unique and fun ways to show their personalities on their wedding day and start new trends of their own!

“I predict sweat suits will be an up and coming trend this year and I am HERE FOR IT 🤟🏻.”

Others weren’t pushed on the idea, one person said online:

“Personally, that would be my worst nightmare…!! 😱😂 I have a Pinterest board with a few hundred pictures of potential wedding dresses and I’m not even engaged yet 😂😂 I’m looking forward to be a princess soooo much.”

Would you try this idea on your wedding day?!