They are listed as “Critically Endangered” by the IUCN

Source: Twitter (@fotawildlife) 

Fota Wildlife Park have announced the birth of two baby black and white ruffed lemurs.

There are less than 250 of this particular species remaining in the wild.

The lemurs were born on June 6th to 18-year-old mom Cloud and 8-year-old dad, Pairic.

The new babies also have twin brothers Cumulus and Nimbus, who were born in the park last May.

Lead Ranger Teresa Power said they’re delighted with the news;

“We are delighted to announce two new black and white ruffed lemur babies, and they seem to get on great with their twin brothers who love playing with them.”

It’s not clear at the moment if the new lemurs are male or female.

Black and white ruffled lemurs are native to Madagascar and are one of the main lemur species that inhabit Fota Wildlife Park.