Our hearts are hurting just thinking about this!

Two British students are making waves online as their mission to try ever Greggs’ sausage roll in the UK continues to gather momentum.

The students, Milo and Tom, decided in 2018 that they would visit every Greggs store in Britain to taste their famous sausage roll.

They have been posting hilariously written reviews to their instagram page.




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03/11/2019 Norwich’s 5th Greggs 57 St Stephens Street NR1 3QR The 5th Greggs in Norwich smiled at me as I approached it. It’s warm hazy glow beckoned me in. After reaching the checkout, I asked for a Sausage Roll, (after Norwich’s fourth store had failed to provide me with one) a Sausage Bean and Cheese Melt and a Jammy Heart Biscuit. Let’s start with the long awaited sausage roll. It’s pastry was flaky and crumbled away after each bite. It was not greasy and was perfectly baked. The insides were tender and scrumptious. Well seasoned although a tad mushy, just a little more than they should be. This was complemented stunningly by a warm temperature which filled me with glee. My next item, the sausage bean and cheese melt also ignited my love for Greggs. This item reminded me of a day at the beach. With its warm, smooth and flaky pasty representing the sand. It’s mix of beans cheese and sausage sent waves of happiness over me like the sea and then of course, the smile it left on my face was the sun. A perfect analogy. On a serious note though, this was a good item as the insides were well mixed and all cooked to perfection. My final item, the Jammy Heart Biscuit, was not bad. The shortbread was nice, but failed to give me that rich sense of contentment. Whilst the jammy centre was sweet and tasty. Combined together, I was left with a slightly dry pallet. Not exactly what I was hoping for. Despite this, the biscuit was not a complete failure as the shortbread was still crumbly. The selection on offer was average although only the sausage rolls seemed particularly fresh. The staff were somewhat monotone. Not bad just very bland and did not fill me with great confidence. Not the best of Norwich’s Greggs but also not the worst. Taste: 7.5/10 Temperature: 9/10 Freshness: 5/10 Variety: 6/10 Staff: 6/10 Overall: 6.7/10 #greggs #greggspilgrimage #jammy #warm #5thstop #sausagerolls

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Tom said Greggs has always been a store that has been cherished by Brits. He also mentioned that both him and Milo calculated the total cost they would have to fork out out of their pockets and noticed that they would have to visit 5 Greggs in a single day to complete their journey in one year and will have to spend around €2,300!

No 5 for €2 then?