Have you seen anything unusual in the sky?

New data has shown that Ireland has had more unexpected than anyone else in Europe this year.

Figures released by Psychic World have shown Ireland is number one in Europe for UFO sightings.

In the last 12 months, Ireland has recorded 105 UFO sightings, with each sighting lasted on average 13 minutes.

Most of the sightings have been described as a cluster of unexplainable bright lights in the sky.

France has the second largest amount of sightings with 71 reported, with each visit lasting 6 minutes.

The longest reported sighting was recorded in Monaco and lasted 45 minutes.

According to the IrishPost, San Marino was the only country in Europe not report any sightings of a UFO.

In total there has been 994 UFO sightings recorded in Europe, lasting an average of 12 minutes. 

The date is recorded by the National UFO Reporting Centre State Report Index which charts the location, duration, and descriptions of each sighting for each country.