Should we suggest this policy to Irish airlines?

Airports are absolutely hectic places to be at Christmas, there’s no doubt about that.

And one airline in the USA has come up with a festive incentive for people to skip the queues this year.

On December 20th Pacific Northwest based airline, Alaska Airlines, is offering travellers wearing an ugly Christmas jumper, priority boarding.

Even total Scrooges have a reason to get into the festive spirit, given those first on board get complete access to all that overhead storage space.

And the jumpers aren’t the only thing the airline is doing to up the Christmas anti:

“Alaska Lounges will feature holiday-inspired beverages and cocktails, including snowflake sprinkled lattes and peppermint mochas, along with a special hot toddy cocktail available on National Ugly Sweater Day,” the company said in a press release.

Here’s hoping Irish airlines take note!