Five Supreme Court justices have ruled that Tini Owens must stay married to Hugh Owens.

A woman who wants to divorce her husband of 40 years has lost her Supreme Court battle in the UK.

Tini Owens, who’s 68, wants to legally split from 80 year old Hugh Owens as she says their marriage is loveless and has broken down.

She claims he behaved unreasonably and that she should not be expected to stay married to him.

But Mr Owens is refusing to agree to a divorce and denies his wife’s allegations about his behaviour.

Tini’s solicitor said she’s “devastated” after the Supreme Court upheld rulings by the Family Court and the Court of Appeal that she must stay married to Mr Owens.

She petitioned for divorce in 2015 after moving out of the family home but a judge rejected her allegations that her marriage had broken down, describing her complaints about Mr Owens as “flimsy and exaggerated”.

Last year, three Court of Appeal judges ruled that being in a “wretchedly unhappy marriage” was not a ground for divorce.

In the UK, a couple can only get divorced if they prove that one of the partners is “at fault”.

One of the Supreme Court judges said that Tini will be able to divorce in 2020, when the couple will have been separated for five years.

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