‘guess that will do’

A new study has found that 8 out of 10 people feel they settled for second best when it comes to their partner.

A survey on 2,000 adults found that when it came to relationships that people have taken a ‘guess that will do’ approach.

The research which was carried out by Lottolands found that 41% of adults were in relationships with someone they didn’t think was ‘the one’.

It also found that 16 percent worried that they may never find love.

A Lottoland spokeswoman said:

“We know that people often want more out of life, and as such strive to do better, but the findings do indicate an acceptance that things can’t always be perfect.

“However, there should be some areas of life where you don’t settle for second best.

“It is human nature to want more – more fun, more spontaneity, and more choice – and that’s why we’re introducing more choice and more opportunities for our own customers.”

According to the Sun, 43% of participants found themselves in unhealthy relationships they didn’t want to be in.